Crop about 35,000 mt over 12 months, harvest twice in March and October / November ( winter crop ). This year crop is smaller as farmers reluctant to plant, as EC regs too complicated and they can make more money on other simpler crops. A majority of Peruvian material continues to fail Ochratoxin levels required by EC, so farmers focusing on US and other less demanding markets.



Crop in total about 25,000 mt. Crop starts in November / December. As Chilli prices are high, a good proportion of Chinese paprika is being used to blend in. The Oleo resin market is strong in China, so good demand internally for Paprika for extraction. Chinese prices are strong and rising. Paprika Pods exported by China tend to have no major issues with Ochratoxin, but many Fcl’s arriving in Spain are “wet”. Chinese material tends to be “hotter” than the sweater varieties in Peru, so need blending in to take the heat out.



Crop in total around 5 – 7,000 mt. 95% is used internally within Spain and attracts a higher prices than other countries ( about Euro 3.00 / kg ex farm ).


Africa ( Malawi / Zimbabwe / South Africa etc..):

Total is estimated at 5,000 mt, so insignificant in world market terms, but growing.


European current key regulations are:

Ochratoxin max 30ppb, thought to be going down to 15ppb on 1st July 2012.

Aflatoxin max 10ppb with B1 max 5ppb

Pesticide residues


Pod prices:

The current price being paid CF European main port for Paprika Pods is around $3200 pmt CF, often with no guarantees.


Current prices being offered in UK market by a Spanish seller:
Paprika 60 Asta @  3,23 Usd / Kg     (2,18 Eur / Kg.)
Paprika 80 Asta  @ 3,43 Usd / Kg      (2,32 Eur / Kg.)
Paprika 100 Asta @ 3,67 Usd / Kg    (2,48 Eur / Kg.)
Paprika 120 Asta @ 3,82 Usd / Kg     (2,58 Eur / Kg.)
Paprika 140 Asta @ 4,25 Usd / Kg.    (2,87 Eur / Kg.)
Paprika 160 Asta @  4,51 Usd / Kg.   (3,05 Eur / kg.)
Steam sterilized.
According to all EU regulations
Free delivered basis for min 5 Ton lots.


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