This is not a good year for dehydrated ginger. The Chinese crop of October 2010 was a “normal” size, but the demand for the fresh ginger for restaurants was so strong, it appears no dehydration was done. So, technically, China for the first time ( I think in many many years ) has no new crop. This means that all exports from China are essentially “old crop” harvested in October 2009. Chinese prices are high and climbing. The best quality with lead and SO2 guarantees for EC markets are around $3900 to $4500 pmt depending on quality.

The Nigerian crop started in December 2010 and appears to be a “normal” crop, however they have followed world prices upwards and since December, prices with Aflatoxin guarantees range between $3900 and $4200 CF.

The Indian new crop, just harvested ( March 2011 ) appears to be a good crop, however, two factors are causing prices to remain stable. Firstly, export demand is strong and secondly demand for the fresh ginger is very strong, as in China. Current prices range from $3900 to $4200 pmt CF for different grades.

My feeling is that this year will remain a difficult year for ginger with prices gradually climbing as the year progresses.




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Andrew Barker

An international food broker, with main activity in spices and herbs.