Prices over the past  two months have eased back, primarily due to the instability in the Middle East. Major buyers in Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Singapore and UAE ( Dubai mainly ), have cut buying, thus triggering sellers in Guatemala to reduce prices. Although technically supply is tight, with low demand, prices are easing. Whole Greens are difficult to buy locally in Guatemala. MYQ is becoming more abundant, so prices are substantially off the peaks of $21 / kg a few months ago.


Crop tonnages vary depending on who you speak to:



Oct 09 – Sept 10           Oct 10 – Sept 11

17,500 to 21,000 mt      20,000 to 24,000


The reason for the variation maybe due to the stock position of the respective sellers. In any event, unseasonal rains in the last few months have undoubtedly assisted plant growth and thus increased crop tonnage estimates up to end Sept this year. If you are looking for quotes, please get in touch !!!!




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